Autumn Ember – Baby name story

10 Feb

Just over two months ago, I gave birth to the most beautiful little girl. Absolutely perfect in every way, an angel in my eyes. I never realized how fulfilling having a baby and being a parent would be. It is by far my most rewarding experience ever!

We named her Autumn Ember. Autumn for the gorgeous season she was born in. We live in rural Virginia and that is the most beautiful season of the year. The vibrant warm colors of the leaves are amazing. I enjoy everyday until the last leaf has fallen. Her Dad wanted Ember to be her middle name. Aside from being a little unusual, he said he knew that she would have the same “spark” that her mom has. He hoped for her to have my red hair and she does. She has been that “spark” in our life since we’ve had her. Being  a parent has been a total change for us, we never knew how wonderful caring for a child can be.

I have been totally amazed just watching her grow. At two months old, she is already cutting a top tooth! I have also found that she has a little temper from teething, maybe that is the spark her dad talks about. I cherish everyday being her mom, watching her grow, watching her sleep, holding her, feeding her, loving her. I love being a mom.

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