Calista Jade – Baby name story

14 Feb

My beautiful daughter is 4 and her name is Calista Jade. Our decision on what to name our little girl was not that easy. We decided that we were sick of the trendy names that come and go with a huge burst of popularity. The next thing you know, when your child goes to kindergarten, there are 4 other Megans’ in there class. Always fascinated by astronomy, we are both avid star gazers, we wanted to pursue a name from that realm.

Calisto is a moon of the planet Jupiter. We decided to feminize it by adding an “a” to the end, versus leaving the “0”. Calista was to be her first name, now you don’t hear that everyday. Jade is my very favorite gem. I love the gorgeous green color, it is beautiful. We decided that she would be Calista Jade.

Many people have asked the origin of her name, asked if we were Italian or Greek. When I tell them that she was named after one of Jupiter’s moons, they really look at me funny. Still, many have told me that my daughter’s name is beautiful, unusual, unique, etc. I am so glad that we named her something different. I bet when she gets to kindergarten, there will not be 4 “Calistas”.

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