Heiko Quintus – baby name story

13 Feb

Heiko is my only son. When I became pregnant with him I was overjoyed. Finally a boy! My husband wanted to name him after his father, Heinrich, so we looked up names that resembled that name. Heiko is a direct diminutive of Heinrich, and the name especially appealed to me because it sounds so much like the word “Haiku,” the Japanese poems that I love to read and write. The other forms close to Heiko and Heinrich are beautiful as well: Henrik, Heike, Heinrike, Enric, Henrique, Herkus, and more. I know I have a husband who loves me because he humors me in all of my desires, including naming our children such imaginative and symbolic names. Heiko is a free spirit. Born in the spring, his nature has always reminded me of a poem. He is now 15 and makes me proud every day with his sleek physique and quick yet creative mind. I have written poems about him, which is so funny to me. I recently heard that there is a movie names Heiko, but I have not seen it. Heiko’s middle name is Quintus, which means “the fifth” because he was our fifth child. The powerful nature of having a middle name that is Latin I think reaffirms that he may be our last, but is certainly not our least child!

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