Hunter Christian – The story behind the baby name

20 Feb

My youngest son is 6 years old, wow time flies! His name is Hunter Christian. We decided what to name him just three weeks before he was born. I knew his middle name would be Christian, it is a middle name that has been passed down in my family for five consecutive generations. My husband wasn’t quite sure, thinking that Christian was a little feminine for a male. I completely insisted on it. To do so, I agreed to let my husband choose his first name. My husband really tried hard to pick the first name, but wasn’t really set on anything in particular. My husband is 6’3″, athletic, strong and all man. He wanted our son to have a strong name. His first approach was to choose a name from the bible, Joshua was his first pick. After much deliberation and selecting Joshua as his name,he came home one day and asked me what I thought of the name Hunter. I truly loved that name, so we decide without anymore uncertainty that Hunter Christian would be our son’s name. I have always been fond of different, unusual names like River or Keanu. I love my son’s name and I know one day he will grow to appreciate it. His name is who he is, it represents the kind and caring boy that he has grown to be. Our parents, friends and others all tell me that my son’s name is beautiful and with that, we would have to agree.

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