Jonathan Azuara – baby name story

17 Feb

Well before we even got pregnant, we already knew that when ever it did happen and if it was a boy we would name it JONATHAN. It is in honor of my husband’s cousin who past away three years ago. They were both super close when younger, my husband told me how they used to plan their future together, and that they would talk about their kids being close just like them. When we first heard the news about him passing away, my husband was so devastated, and his father was even worser. I didn’t know him personally as he lived in another country, but he seemed like a really nice guy. Very loved by all his family. Anyways, I didn’t know what to do with my husband. He would cry a lot, and he would talk about him all the time. He told me all their stories, and the trouble they would get into when younger, that I ended up feeling like I had actually met him. Days later, I had being feeling unusual and we taught that we were pregnant. Before going to check at the doctors, we spent the whole night before talking about how exciting it would be to have a baby. As well as all the happiness it would bring to the house, and out of no where I happened to space out to a picture of my husbands cousin that was hanged on the wall. It was then I realized how nice it would be to name my kid Jonathan in honor of my husbands cousin. When I told him, he got so happy and excited, he started to cry, but this time it was tears of joy. Next day we went to the doctors, but it was all a false alarm. It was there we had both promised to each other that if I happened to get pregnant in the future with a baby boy, we would name it Jonathan no matter what. Two years later, we got the news that we’ll be welcoming a baby boy and that’s how we decided on our kids name. Husband and father in law are the most super excited they just talk about all the things they’ll do with the baby. He is loved already.

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