Lesedi Lynn – Name Story

13 Feb

Lesedi is a name that in Tswana means “light” or “light sent from god” literally meant as “star”. My friend and colleague Khoketsho and I would often sit up late at night and drink wine and talk about poetic names for our children before I was married. When Lesedi was born, it was my last chance to convince my husband to let me name our child something that means light in another language. Light and stars have always fascinated me both in the matter of physics and mythology, so naming one of my children after something so powerful was important to me. Lesedi is also our most quiet child, so her name suits her well. She will calm any soul and brighten up any room with her tenderness. Lynn is the name of my mother in law, and also is derived from the Welsh name that means “lake.” Water and light together form a powerful symbolic bond that represents birth and play. It is also very important for me that my children’s names sound good when rolling off the tongue. I love the way the two names, Lesedi and Lynn, sound next to one another. Every name is a poem.

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