Melady Cupid – the naming story

13 Feb

I liked the name Melady because it is a name that sounds much like melody. Also, when said quickly, it is very close to sounding like one is saying, “My Lady”. When I was pregnant with Melady I was also very interested in reading about politics. From reading newspapers and researching online, I found out about Thomas Patrick Melady, who was a very handsome American ambassador under three presidents during my childhood. He actually died earlier this year, but was known for his honesty and friendly nature. Anyhow, I really wanted Melady to have a name that was as elegant and sophisticated as she made me feel when I was carrying her around in my belly. It’s interesting how each pregnancy can influence you as a person. Since birth Melady has been the most stoic and serious of my five children. Her middle name, Cupid was a nickname that she eventually registered to become her official middle name. She has played match maker her whole life and is going to school to be a relationship therapist. As for my husband, he approved of the name Melady because it sounds much like Melanie, which is what he had originally wanted to name her.

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