Noah James – A baby naming story

4 Feb

When I found out we were having a baby boy, we knew his name would be Noah James. I found out that I was pregnant after 7 months of trying. My husband was so excited. We immediately started to research names for a boy or a girl. It didn’t really go as easily as we thought it would, there are so many great names out there. My sister liked the name Justin, my mother-in-law liked the name Christopher. We asked our friends, relatives, and even the people we work with to weigh in on which names they liked.

After about a month, we decided his name would be Noah James. Noah we chose because we love it’s biblical history. As you know, it is in the bible Noah was asked by God to build the ark. In a world full of wicked people, God chose Noah, the only good man to build the ark. We chose James to be the middle name in honor of my father-in-law who passed  away 4 years ago. I wish he was here to meet Noah,  he has a sweet little grandson. I wish they could have spent time together.

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