Kristoff Cashel – The story behind the name

30 Jan

Over 15 years ago, my husband and I were expecting our first child. The doctor informed us that we would have a boy. We went around and around for the perfect name for our first born son. My husband didn’t want him to be a “jr.”, so we set out to find a name that was unique and different. A name that you never hear, unusual and new. We asked grandparents, friends, and co workers for suggestions. We started to really search when I was about 7 months along. My sister and I were out shopping one day and we were looking at boots for her. I was browsing and noticed one of the shoes was designed by Kristoff and right then and there I knew that was the name for our son. Later that night when my husband got home, I told him about the name. He absolutely loved it! ┬áIt was everything we knew our son would be, masculine, strong, intelligent, and kind. Of course this was years before the Frozen movie made his name popular once again. The next problem was finding a middle name to go with it. This was way more difficult than I imagined it would be. My husband had a great uncle that was named “Cashel”. We decided that would be his middle name, my son, Kristoff Cashel. He is 14 now and starting to like girls alot. As a child, he always said his name was weird. Now, it is all the rage after Frozen came out. The girls just love his name, which he likes that. I hope one day my son realizes how much time and energy and thought went into naming him all those years ago. I feel as a man, he will come to love his name and take pride in it. Most of his friends call him “kris”, which I hate, but when girls call him, it is always Kristoff. He is just as handsome as his name and everyday I call him with pride. My oldest son, Kristoff Cashel.

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